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About Sophie

Hello and welcome to my page! As a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and assisted stretching professional, I work with clients one-on-one to aid in their physical, mental, and spiritual growth. My goal is to provide a well-rounded movement-based experience; one that helps others become their truest and highest selves. I value getting to know my clients well so that I can adjust the practice to meet them wherever they are on a given day. Through movement, breathwork, and mindfulness practices, I aim to help my clients find simplicity within their bodies and minds so they can experience ultimate clarity and serenity.


"Sophie explains every move with such detail and passion that she has single-handedly made yoga my new passion. Every appointment I have with her keeps getting better and better and stronger and stronger. I finally found someone I enjoy learning from. Every appointment I see her is such a pleasure that now I consider seeing Sophie my little treat to myself. Thank you Sophie!!!" -Ed D.

"Sophie always has an amazing energy that she brings to every class. She is empathetic to her students and helps us out with poses that may be challenging. She is very kind and mellow. I always look forward to her class and leave in an empowering and happy mood. Thank you, Sophie!" -Rose D.

"Sophie has an innate sense for the human body that belies her intuition and compassion as a teacher. Her classes go beyond mere yoga and will allow you to test your limits in a safe setting, while leaving you more connected to yourself in a profound way. Her assisted stretching guidance is also always exactly in tuned to what my body needs. She is the most self-aware yoga teacher I have ever met and has helped me build my confidence as a yoga practitioner." -Nate B.

Credentials & Education:

200 hour certified yoga teacher through Full Circle Yoga

300 hour certified yoga teacher through Yogaworks Baltimore
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Flexologist (Assisted Stretching Professional)
Tribe Team Training Certified Coach

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Rollins College

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